Malcolm Wanstall

Data, Analytics & Innovation Leader



I am an analytics and data management leader with a decades' worth of experience in data / analytics / information leadership, delivery and strategy. With an entrepreneurial spirit I have successfully led, developed and deployed both big data (eg Hortonworks, Predictive Analytics, Info APIs) and traditional (eg SQL Server (incl 2016), Teradata, SAP) platforms and departments. I have cross industry experience (Financial Services, Not-For-Profit, Telco, Insurance, Health, Agri-Business) delivering technical solutions, platforms and strategic pathways with an emphasis on providing immediate and quantifiable business value. A greenfield specialist, I have a wealth of experience "starting from scratch" building departments, culture, strategies and architectures from the ground up.

Most recently as the Head of Analytics (Digital and Big Data) at Westpac I have built a ~150 head department from scratch whilst buliding out a production ready big data cluster and analytics/ML/AI capability from an MVP Hortonworks stack. Within a year we have been able to execute and deliver a production-capable data lake and are currently working on the set of overlaying products and services.



  • Greenfield Programs / Departments
  • Data / Analytics Strategy
  • Agile Program Management
  • Platform / Product Management
  • Department Management / Creation
  • Budgeting / Forecasting
  • Vendor Management
  • Vision Development
  • Executive Stakeholder Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Portfolio Planning
  • Staff Mentoring


  • MS SQL (+ SSAS, SSRS, SSIS) 2016
  • Hortonworks (Hadoop + Hive + Spark etc)
  • Kafka / Azure Event Hub
  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • MicroStrategy
  • Cassandra
  • Teradata
  • PostgreSQL
  • SAP (+ HANA, Bus Objects)
  • Informatica
  • SAS / SPSS / R
  • Python
  • WhereScape RED


  • Big Data Management
  • Analytics Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture and Design
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Warehouse Design (Kimball / Inmon / DV)
  • Data Visualisation
  • Database Design
  • Report / Dashboard Architecture
  • Application / Web Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Technical Business Analysis
  • Systems Integration


Head of Analytics (Digital and Big Data)

May 2018 → Present
Technologies: Hortonworks, HDF / HDP, Teradata, Azure, AWS, IBM Softlayer, Watson, Python & R, DataIku

In step with Westpac's vision of becoming the worlds best service company, a customer centric digital transformation has been in full swing. Along with this transofmration is the creation of a Big Data Platform and overlaying analytical and operational products and services to serve all brands within the Westpac Group. The initial remit has involved growing a departnment and a technology stack from scratch.

  • Delivered successful compliance and regulatory reporting pipelines significantly decreasing data latency.
  • Delivering data pipelines and information APIs to serve the Open Banking initiatives currently underway within the organisation.
  • Grew to a department of ~150 big data professionals in a 9 month timeframe.

Data Platform Manager / Head of Data

Oct 2015 → May 2018
Technologies: MS SQL Server 2016, Hadoop, PowerBI, Spark, Sharepoint, Azure, AWS, Tabular SSAS, MS Dynamics

As part of The Smith Family's scalability journey (to scale effective reach 100% within 4 years) there was a need for the organisation to move from "information seeking" to "data driven" via aggressive innovation in both Digital and Data. I have created and implemented a multi-year strategy, built a team of 14 data delivery professionals, restructured the data platform and embedded new and cutting-edge technologies. I've created an environment of continual innovation and high quality delivery which has already led the new Data Platform department to deliver a greenfield operational EDW with real-time ad-hoc analytics to over 400 active users.

  • Built a successful team of 14 highly effective data professionals working to provide an end-to-end data delivery platform.
  • Created an operational EDW reducing data latency from 1 day to 10 minutes and reducing overall system load time from > 13 hours to < 5 minutes.
  • Consolidated 8 Data Marts and multiple shadow-IT marts into one platform stack which supports all end user systems resulting in a supported system count reduction of over 400%
  • Reworked teams and processes to support the transition of IT into a DevOps structure which had an immediate increase in velocity by ~40% within 4 months
  • Increased automation (workflows, analytics and reporting, data integration) dramatically which will result in the reduction of data assets (e.g. Reports, Dashboards etc) by over 150 resulting in a > 50% reduction.
  • Developed and implemented a Data Governance framework including Data Security, Data Integrity, Data Quality and Data Archietecture strategies and processes.
  • Restructured and repurposed the Business Intelligence / Data Teams within The Smith Family for a DevOps transition
  • Established 100% coverage of Automated Testing and Continuous Integration allowing for Sprint level release timeframes
  • Designed and delivered a fully-integrated Greenfield operational Enterprise Data Warehouse using Microsoft technologies
  • Directly involved with Innovation and Project Excellence initiatives to drive best practise throughout the organisation

Data Program Manager / Head of Data Delivery

Jul 2014 → Sep 2015
Technologies: Hadoop / Hive, Cassandra, Tableau, MS SQL Server, Spark, Business Objects, SAS, SPSS, Python

Delivering a roadmap of cutting edge analytical and data solutions to move TAL into the a market leading position in terms of information leverage and customer interaction. Created an effective and efficient data pipeline throughout the organisation including a restructure and review of people, processes and technologies. Designing, architecting, implementing and coordinating a program of work in the Data space including Analytics, Business Intelligence, Reporting, Data Management, Data Quality and Data Strategy. Transitioning and managing Delivery teams (~30 people) from a waterfall environment to a Scaled Agile environment to allow the establishment of a data capability that responds to business requirements in a lean manner.

  • Created real time Single Customer View engine to consolidate parties across 11 operational source systems containing millions of parties
  • Consolidated 6 claims management operational systems into a distributed Master Data Management repository resulting in 18% efficiency gain in claims processing within 6 months
  • Restructured Data teams into single delivery department increasing development velocity by 34% within 1 year
  • Delivered near real time Speech Analytics platform processing sentiment analysis on >1000 calls daily providing real time operational analytical capabilities
  • Produced and implemented a Data Program including Data, Analytics, Information and BI Strategy interfacing board level Waterfall methodology with program level Scaled Agile methodology
  • Vertically integrated analytics into the operational business process to enable all departments to leverage from their own expertise more efficiently
  • Established a suite of Data Products to articulate funding flows into capital assets as opposed to siloed Project outputs
  • Designed and implemented Architectural Roadmap for the Data and Analytics space
  • Delivered a data vault modelled environment that supported business-wide MDM functions and near-real-time analytical and reporting needs

Data Program Manager / Data Architect

Nov 2011 → Jul 2014
Technologies: Cassandra, MS SQL Server, Business Objects, SSRS, SSAS, SSIS, SAS, MicroStrategy, SQL

Managing a Department of Analytics and Data Management professionals ranging from Solution Designers, BAs, QAs to Developers and Analysts to continue development of the Data and Analytics initiatives throughout Medibank Health Solutions. Additionally establishing the architectural structure and managing the delivery of a suite of Data products ranging from real-time analytical data marts and telephony analysis platforms to financial and contract analysis systems.

  • Triage Data Mart analysis capabilities helped secure $400M contract renewal
  • Consolidated 8+ major operational systems into 1 consolidated warehouse
  • Reduced Client Report generation time by 98%
  • Coordinated creation of Data Dictionary with >100 defined business KPIs
  • Produced and implemented a Product Vision, Team Strategy and Team Working Methodology to allow the execution of the Data/Analytics Vision
  • Incrementally delivered Business Process Data Marts (Greenfield) that enjoy continued uptake throughout the Reporting, Operations and Management areas
  • Delivered Self Serve BI platform (Greenfield) to key information analysts who were previously making decisions with little data visibility
  • Implemented Development and Analysis practises and standards for EDW/BI to ensure quality, integrity and auditability of all outputs

EDW/BI Consultant / Project Manager

Jun 2011 → Nov 2011
Technologies: MS SQL Server, Business Objects, SSRS, SSAS, SAS, MicroStrategy, SQL

Senior Consultant / Architect

Mar 2010 → Jun 2011
Technologies: Teradata, Business Objects, SAP, SAS, SQL

EDW/BI Business Analyst / Project Manager

Mar 2008 → Mar 2010
Technologies: MS SQL Server, Oracle, Cognos, ProClarity, SSRS, SSAS, PerformancePoint

Technical Business Analyst

Jun 2006 → Mar 2008
Technologies: MS SQL Server, MS Access, SAS, JCL, SSRS, Crystal Reports

Notable Projects

TSF Enterprise Information Project

Development, establishment and implementation of a Program of Work to data enable an organisation which is set to scale in the order of 100% growth within 4 years. Includes business process engineering, department structure, architecture structure and data governance.

TAL Data Program

Establishment of a cohesive agile program of work including an enterprise data strategy, data roadmap, architectural runway and enterprise data vision.

MHS Greenfield EDW/BI

Planning, requirements, design and delivery management of the MHS Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Solution.

VHA Universal (Semantic) Layer

Requirements and Delivery of an international Semantic Layer covering a multi billion row Data Warehouse with some real-time components.

VHA Prepaid In Evolution & Customer Value Enrichment

Two of the largest initiatives undertaken by VHA at the time, the role revolved around integrating new Customer and Prepaid initiatives into existing Reporting and Business Intelligence solutions whilst providing analytical feedback on their success.

Roche Data Warehouse Upgrade

A ground-up rework of an existing partially developed Data Warehouse to deliver Operational, Financial, Inventory and Sales information throughout the company at 12 hour intervals.

Roche Greenfield Self-serve BI

A Greenfield initiative to introduce a Self Service Business Intelligence platform to allow all business users to interact with an analytical system that can provide them with immediate business insight.

CNH Obsolescence Management Program

Reduction of the obsolete stock held on hand by 80% was required, involving analysis programs to identify stock at varying levels of obsolescence and allow it to be sold at the highest possible margin. Targets were achieved over 1 year ahead of initial plan.


University Education

B Business (Information Systems)

University of Western Sydney

Grade Average: Distinction
Key Subjects: Project Management, Statistics, Advanced Business Application Development, Database Design and Development
Highlights: 1 Year Project soliciting requirements, designing and implementing CMS solution for a national company. Received High Distinction and offered employment by client.